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The Annual Email Tournament starts late in the year and completes sometime early the next year.  Games from the tournament are collected into archives, attached to the LOA applet for easy study.
Starting Date Comments
November 1996 7 Players.  All games extensively commented by the winner. An excellent study aid IMHO.
October 1997 28 players. Won by a landslide!
October 1998 3-way tie for first place.  Robot in the final round..
October 1999 Closely fought final round, winner and runner-up both 7-1
October 2000 32 players, including 1 robot.  Won by Mona the robot, undefeated.
October 2001 26 players, won by Uli, undefeated.
October 2002
23 players, win by Marc Decroos 6-1


The  Mind Sports Olympiad features Lines of Action as one of its games, and awards cash prizes to the winners.  We have a few reports from participants.

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