AWT: Still seriously flawed in Java 1.1

Can you believe that the same company that is promoting 100% pure Java for the rest of us, has just expended uncounted effort rewriting AWT in some other language? It's true.

I have only examined the Windows-NT version, but It is apparent that the new AWT has many new (but fixable) bugs, and still hasn't fixed many of the old (but fixable) bugs from Java 1.02. I suppose that's about par for a beta product, but it doesn't live up to the advance publicity, which was "major quality improvements". The sad part is thateven if AWT 1.1 were bug free, the systemic problem of cross-platform compatibility has not been addressed.In effect, AWT 1.1 is yet-another flawed AWT implementation, with different bugs and ideosyncracies from all of the others. Dave Schultz page: AWT: is it really cross-platform does an excellent job of comparing the existing java platforms. If this large an ice floe is revealed by such a simple test program, imagine thesize of the iceberg underneath!

On the upside, new AWT event model is a significant improvement; it supports better programming practices and it addresses some significant performance problems. Not surprisingly, this part of the AWT rewrite is pure Java.

Unfortunately, that's about all the good news I have been able to discover. Maybe Sun should read their own position paper on the benefits of pure Java.