Tutorial for signature retrieval

Suppose you have a typical printed diagram, and want to find the game in the online database.


    Game ID: 11/6
    Date: 1956-08-31, 09-01
    round: 6
    Played at Izu-san
    Result: B+2.5
    time-limit: 10 h
    Black: Takagawa Kaku
    White: Shimamura Toshihiro

First, locate two (or more) of the key moves in the diagram. The key moves are 20,31,40,51,60,61. In this example, I located moves 20 (in the upper-left corner) and 31 (in the lower-right corner).

Call up the retrieval page. The active part of the page will look like this:


Edit the two "signature" boxes to be empty, and edit the game board with the digits corresponding to the moves you found into their positions on the board. The result, in this example, looks like this:


Now click on the search button. With luck, the report will contain just one game, as it does in this case:


The selecting B +2.5 in result column will fetch the game.

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