Perfect Play Applet

The applet requires JDK 1.1 support. Use JDK 1.1 enabled Netscape 4.05 or Explorer 4.01 or later.

This applet uses my shape database to play perfectly (so it says here) for all positions that are directly contained
in the shape database; which are roughly all simple eye shapes of size 7 or less, located anywhere on the board,
and all positions that are successors in normal play of those positions.   The database takes a few minutes to load,
so be patient.   If your browser cannot display the applet, or if you're just impatiently waiing for it to load, look
here for a screen snap and some hints how to use the applet.

The database and the Java source code that demonstrate how to use it are available freely for noncommercial use.
The "Go Board" bean that is used in the applet is also available for the asking.


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