American Go Extra

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Summer 1994

Edited by Bob Terry

American Go Extra is published quarterly by Yutopian Enterprises. This electronic re-issue is available with their permission.


Enounter with A Go Legend
An interview with Sakata Eio

The Killer of Go Companion.
Bob Terry, who translated Killer of Go, prepared these six games, with commenary, as a companion set.

Game Commentary: Sakata Eio vs. Kato Masao
The author of Killer Of Go demonstrates his technique against "killer" Kato. This is the first game from the companion set, prepared as a connventional Go commentary.

Beginner's Corner
Give Me Liberties or Give Me Death

Lessons by Yang Yilun Sensei
Number 1 on the Wish List: Lessons from a Professional at a Reasonable Cost

Recent surveys of amateur go players in America have found that high on the wish list are low cost lessons given by professionals. In the Orient this is fairly easy to arrange, but in the West this has rarely been possible. Now go players in Los Angeles can avail themselves of an ideal solution: Yang Yilun, 6 dan, an exceptionally gifted and dedicated teacher, lectures every Sunday afternoon at the LA Go Club. This is an opportunity not to be missed!